The Legendary C-Grimey!

Interview - C-Grimey


C-Grimey is an artist who needs no introduction. He is practically ubiquitous with the Chattanooga rap scene and one of its biggest members and supporters. Time and time again he has gone out of the way to actively help members of the community and do his part in helping it grow through promotions, shows and speaking at events. It was at the first Chattanooga Hip-hop Summit, hosted by Leeker Magazine and Tha Milk Drop, that we finally got to meet this local legend and we are more than excited to finally be doing an article on him.


Grimey first started writing poetry when he was around 13 years old. His mom took notice and started putting him into Creative Writing classes to encourage him to continue writing. This led to him writing songs and beginning to record at the home of a friend who had a studio. C-Grimey now tries to drop at least two projects every year with videos for his singles. He also has gone on several tours and wants to continue to do so in the future, pushing closer to his dream of being a real rockstar. What really separates his music from other artists is his ability to make music that can stand the test of time. C-Grimey wants to ensure that people will be able to listen to his tracks for years and still be able to vibe with them by keeping them real and focusing on music that fuels the soul. To quote him, “my music gonna wanna make you trap, dance, rage, revolt, pay homage, burn one, make love, party, educate, maybe even purge”. With emotional responses like that he is sure to keep people listening.


For years now C-Grimey has been grinding in the local scene and as a result, he has seen a lot of change for Chattanooga. He says that he has seen the scene grow stronger, become more connected and finally start to gain respect. There is still a long way to go though. Some changes that C-Grimey would like to see happen include more venues opening, open mics, support from local radio and local media outlets to start showing more support. Some advice that C-Grimey had for new artists in the Chattanooga scene was for them to network. He says that “nobody ever got noticed by sitting in the background” and that new artists need to be networking and collaborating with others in the area. Aside from that, they need to make sure to just stay on the grind and keep promoting themselves as a brand.


Some final words of advice from C-Grimey were for rappers to stay real and avoid becoming ‘fake gangstas’. Grimey says that there are too many people out here rapping about lives that they haven’t lived and that they need to learn to keep things real. He also says that people better start learning to support the culture, because it is showing no signs of slowing down! Make sure to go follow C-Grimey @cgrimey423 and to check out all of his past projects!