• Laura Knight

The safe space that is my therapy room

Updated: Oct 28


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As I walked into my therapy room the other day I had an overwhelming sense of calm and warmth hit me, I realised how much this room means to me, and my clients.

It prompted me to write this blog.


couch and clock in a therapy roomcouch and clock in a therapy room
My therapy room in Parkstone Poole

This is my wonderful therapy room

There is always a sense of calm when I walk into the room, I like the way it envelopes me, makes me feel at ease, and I want to spend time here in contemplation.

Is it rather odd that the room should feel like this, when so much pain, anger, disappointment, frustration, shame and anguish has been shared in here? I wonder how it manages to erase all that has happened in here and welcome me and others with warmth and affection.


I hope others feel its warmth and affection as much as I do, I am sure they do.

I have been told it feels like visiting Grandmas, a place they loved. I have been told it is a place someone looks forward to coming to for the peace and quiet it offers. I have been told it is a safe space to come once a week.


Do they feel the room will embrace them in their darkest moments, will bring them comfort at times of distress? Does it welcome them and wrap them in a hug so that they feel safe and protected? I have been told it does.


I sense this is a room where some find comfort, a safe place to be themselves.

A place to cry the tears they cannot, or will not, cry outside of it.

A room that allows them to share secrets, to tell the things they cannot, or will not, tell outside.

A room that offers them protection from the abuse of others words and actions.

A room that allows them to feel fear, anger, resentment, hatred, sadness, emptiness.

But at the same time allows them to feel joy, happiness, fulfilment, hope.


Some, I feel, come to speak the words they didn't know they could say, haven't been allowed to say before, perhaps discover new words they can speak that are truer than the words they have spoken before.


I have been told that some leave the room feeling lighter, they have found a way to understand some of the confusion, they have understood themselves and others in a way that didn't seem possible before.

They have left with hopes and dreams.



view of the sea with island in the horizonview of the sea with island in the horizon
Let my therpy room take you to a calm and serene place



This room has kept their secrets, has soothed their wounds, has eased their pain, has bought them happiness.

This room has enabled them to leave and go to a place they didn't know was possible.


This room is my room, but it is a room I share with many. They come to my room, my warm, welcoming, calm room to ask the room to provide a safe and protective space and the room honours this and provides that space for them.

This is a room that invites those who are unsure of life to visit.

It opens its arms for them, welcomes them in and helps them find themselves.

This room has many stories to tell, but it will not betray those that visit, it will keep their secrets safe, will keep their words within its four walls. It will hold onto the tears and pain, will keeps its promise and close the door on them.

When they return it reassures them with its warmth and holds them once again, while they explore the places they need to go to.

This is my room, a room I love, a room I created with care and thought, but a room I share with those who need it most. I want others to love this room as much as I do.

This is a room that gives hope.

This room is my friend and a friend to all those who visit.


Welcome to my room, let it open its arms to you, to comfort you on a journey to a place you may not have known existed.


This is my therapy room, See Clear Counselling, based in Poole, Dorset.




Laura Knight Dip.Couns MBACP is a qualified and experienced counsellor based in Poole, Dorset. Her private practice SeeClear Counselling offers affordable, professional counselling when you need it most. www.seeclearcounselling.co.uk

At SeeClear Counselling I offer evening and weekend appointments from my comfortable therapy room in Parkstone Poole and would be happy to talk to you about how we can work together to manage your symptoms and help you back to full mental health, whether you have suffered a knock back or feel you may have been struggling for a while.

I specialise in working with survivors of childhood abuse.

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