Things I’ve Learned: Centering through Sewing

I used to think of my sewing projects as something to get done. Over time I’ve come to learn that it truly is the journey that demands our attention. In sewing it meant I had to learn to slow down and do the hand sewing when something just wouldn’t fit under the presser foot. I’ve learned that doing this hand sewing actually increased my satisfaction and slowing down to do it provided the opportunity to be more centered. Well done hand sewing is a core feature of a couture project – no matter what. As I read through my newest couture guide, it all came back to beautiful hand stitching. I recognize there are two distinct aspects of my projects that bring me satisfaction. One is the pure fun of having that finished item to wear or use, but the other is the almost zen-like feeling I have when actually doing the tactile work, especially hand sewing on hems, facings, linings, and zippers. I have resolved to integrate more handwork into my fine garment work. This week while on travel, I have a small scarf done with running stitches and reverse applique as my little piece of centering through sewing.