Twice's Concert In Malaysia Cancelled At The Last Minute; Fans Showed The Most Matured Side Of Them;

The announcement from JYP Entertainment on cancelling Twice's TWICELAND Fantasy Park concert which was supposed to be held at Malaysia on July 28, 2018 might be a sad news for fans, but still the fans showed the most matured side of them by supporting the decision made as it involved safety reasons.

On July 27, 2018, a day before the concert, JYP Entertainment released an official statement, below,

Translated message :


This is JYP Entertainment.

It is with great regret we inform you that TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Part’ in KUALA LUMPUR which was scheduled 28th of July, 2018 has been cancelled due to safety issue in the venue.

We ask for your generous understanding that this decision has been made considering the safety of the artists and audience as our top priority.

We are truly sad to deliver this announcement to all our fans who have been waiting for TIWCE. JYP Entertainment and TWICE will put more efforts.

— JYP Entertainment


Following the announcement, fans expressed mixed reactions as the details on safety issues was not disclosed initially. Later, the Malaysian news sources stated that the stage base was unstable and the stage properties were heavy to handle, which increased the risk of performing there.

Twice was already at Malaysia when the announcement was made. On their way back at Kuala Lumpur airport, Once (Twice's fandom official name) gathered at the airport to send them off. Fans sang Cheer Up song and the idols were seen crying especially Dahyun and Sana, while bidding adieu. That was a very emotional moment between the artist and the fans.

Although the sudden cancellation is not a desirable news, once mostly expressed their concern and care for Twice and said "As long as Twice is safe and good, it's fine". Once had left many comforting message for the artist in social platforms, few from twitter are below.

Twice shared warm and comforting words to their fans through their Instagram account,

also promised that they will comeback to Malaysia and perform for Once.

Sana shared additional message expressing her gratitude and ended her message with

You know that how you feel is how we feel too, right? We promise that the next time we meet, we’ll create happier moments and memories. To our loving Malaysian ONCEs, once again, I am so sorry and I love you. Saya sayang awak (I love you).

It is said that during the most emotional times, the most matured side will shine.

Once and Twice has proved it today.

Truth Always !

- The KTruth