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Under the radar: 5 techno artists you need to know

I love discovering new music. Any techno lover knows the big names, Dixon, Monoloc, Ellen Allien, etc. the list goes on and on. But to me, there's nothing like discovering an emerging act producing stellar tunes.

Staying true to the underground ethos, don't expect much from these folks by way of biographies. Although, if you're a true techno head, you aren't much for words anyway.

1. "From the depths of the cosmos shapes and energies will be transform, there is not a certain destiny, there is not a single truth" - Linkan Ray

You can try to decode the above or just listen to the below and fall in love.

Hear more: Spotify

2. Krys von Bloom - a self professed music fanatic is based in Braunschweig, Germany.

Hear more: Soundcloud / Spotify

3. Van der Meer - Based in Berlin.

Soundcloud / Spotify

4. "We are no one because we want to be no one, And to be no one we have to be everywhere and nowhere" - Polar Inertia - Paris

Listen to more by the Duo on: Soundcloud / Spotify

5. Steam Shape - Hungary

Hear more: Soundcloud / Spotify

Did you like that?

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