• Collaborative Awareness

Using Curiosity to Change Your Brain

Updated: Sep 10

The Curiosity Chain Process

What grabs your attention about others or the world around you—either positive or negative? This is what pings you.

The thoughts that run around in your mind are messages written for you, from you. They are the noise in your system that says “pay attention, this is important to you.”

That guy who cuts you off in traffic, your partner who doesn't show up on time, the person who continually takes all the credit; these are pings that emerge from the filing system of your mind which is wired to make meaning of the world on the fly.

The Curiosity Chain Process helps you notice and make use of the noise in your system, which operates as the messenger service for your subconscious. When something triggers you, it is pointing to a thought in your subconscious mind which is driving your behavior, emotions and actions. You can’t change your interactions with others or your environment until you’re aware of what your mind is running on autopilot.

Paying attention to what pings you, and using curiosity to investigate it and experiment with it, helps you find what matters most and enables you to build new, healthier patterns that support your relationship with others.