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In Bekasi, a city within the Jakarta metropolitan area , Waste4Change transforms the waste issue into a sustainable and profitable firm. The company's vision is to become the leader in providing ethical and responsible waste management solutions towards zero waste in Indonesia.

What does Waste4Change do? It collects, sorts and recycles companies' and domestic waste (3000+ communities involved).​ The company also delivers consultation, training and education programs about sound waste management to the civil society but also to corporates and schools, so as to change people's behaviors.

Well known in Indonesia in the waste management field, and very connected to public and private actors, Sano, the founder, has already worked with multinationals such as Deloitte, Mandiri, DBS, the World Bank, Unilever, Decathlon, Danone, etc. on the promotion of a more sustainable waste management.

Please find more information on Waste4Change's website.


Waste4Change's plastic collection