We Slayed in Our Stilettos

Happy Monday San Diego Dancers! We are so excited to start implementing more themes into the week to have things to look forward to as growing dancers. We are equally as excited to begin building up our Class EXPERIENCE section!


That being said, today is officially Mindful Motivation Monday (what does that even mean?) It means we are asking ourselves, "what truly motivates my heart this week?" This Monday we are motivated by F U N 💃🏼


To kick off the fun, we decided to relive last Sunday's class held by choreographer and teacher on the rise, Jorden Alhashim's SLAY IN STILETTOS (also known as SIS). Let's Go!

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Studio: When you walk into Crown Dance Studio in Miramar, the lighting matches the mood of the class, sensual. The studio embodies charm with sheer black and white curtains swept to the sides for your visual pleasure. Not too big, not too small, the back of the studio is separated by a sheer black curtain (I took a peek to see what was behind it: excitingly a wall draped with magical lighting was lit-up like you would see or save on a Pinterest board).



Cameraman: Jamil Jones was busy staying focused on setting up lighting along with staging to capture the dancers and choreographer in their best light possible.


Dancers: The dancers began to fill in the studio little by little, feeling a little nervous but excited for a class that was new for everyone in town.


Choreographer: Jorden looked like a star, filled with beauty inside and out. Donned in all black with her toned body (brought to you by dance) showing in a killer bralette lace top. A bit nervous as this was her first class, she owned the room quickly.


The Classroom


Beginnings: Jorden had us sit in a circle as she introduced herself, explaining her style of teaching and what her intention was for this class.


Structure: We were led through a thorough warm-up without our stilettos with helpful hints to give our "feet some love" for what was to come. We were then taken through a few across-the-floors that focused on getting comfortable in our heels with walks, hip isolations, and technique that involved turns getting our spotting muscles working.


Main Event: Alhashim performed the dance for us, helping us to visually understand what we were learning that evening. We learned as a whole, then split into two groups to make room for practice. She gave us pointers on what needed work, and left room for questions to gain clarity for the piece. Then comes the camera practice with groups. Once the jitters are shaken off, individual performances are asked of you.


Fun: The dancers here were so supportive of one another, something Jorden layed down as an expectation from the start of the class (teachers really influence our growth y'all!). We wore heels, we worked harddd, we went off, but we had so much fun and even flirted with the camera.


[💃🏼@jennalynmarie SLAYING the choreo⬇]


Spiritual Component: It is very clear that being in touch with your spirit is something this choreographer strives to bring to the classroom. We were asked to take a minute after busting our booties from all the dancing to just BE and breathe, come back to ourselves. And the way her choreography is designed tap DEEP into your feelings. You will leave the class thinking "Damn, that got me feeling, and it feels damn good."

Did you know HEELS incorporates fundamentals of ballet? Check out Jorden's IG for more tips to better your dance craft





We hope you have so much fun this week and get out to one of Jorden's classes! This class will stretch you out the proper way, integrate a personal involvement with both teacher and dancer, focus on technique, then SLAY her choreography, tapping into awareness of yourself mind, body, soul.


Thankfully she gives you water breaks, BE READY! We cannot wait to see where she takes this. You can follow her on Instagram and stay up-to-date with her teachings @slaystilettos.




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