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Weekly Service Times

Friday Evening Nov 22nd Candle lighting 4:29 pm

Mincha: 4:30 pm

6:10 PM: Inspiration at the water/Y'did Nefesh

6:30 PM: Kabbalat Shabbat, Maariv, Rabbi’s Greeting and Kiddush

7:20 PM: Shabbos Experience Dinner $26 RSVP required

Shabbat Morning Nov 22nd

9:30 AM Shacharit followed by Torah Reading & Mussaf

12:15 PM Kiddush/followed by Mincha

Weekly Events

Sunday morning 8:00 am Shachris

Sunday Evening 6:45 pm Chavrusa learning at the Shul

Tuesday evening 7:30 or 8:00 pm Gamora Sota for men, with Rabbi Rubanowitz or Rabbi Blau

Contact aland@pjcenter.com for details of this weeks class

Wednesday 7:30 T.O.W.N. Torah on Wednesday Night Discussion on contemporary Jewish topics led by Rabbi Shalom Rubanowitz

Upstairs at the Shul on the Beach

(for all classes please contact the office to verify they are on before coming.)

For any questions please contact the office by clicking HERE

Alternatively, you can REGISTER HERE for any events listed.