welcome to happyroost®

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Crossing the finish line, while starting a new race.


But what an adventure it's been thus far.



"happyroost: happy things for heart & home" was first dreamed nearly ten years ago; March 3, 2010 to be exact. {in typical dork fashion, I blogged about it} At the time, I was working as a small-time, starry-eyed interior designer in Dayton, Ohio, with like, maybe 2 clients? {Mom counts, right?}


But how time flies. The past ten years have seen me open {and close} a small design studio in the Oregon District; join the corporate world where, for some reason, they trusted me to direct a marketing department where I built a team, as well as my confidence; get {half} an MBA before deciding to make my health a priority for the first time in my life; manage an AirBNB rental business my husband and I built together; and, most recently, get a real estate license and join a team of inspirational people who work harder than I do.


All the while completing design projects here and there, to keep this idea of happyroost alive.


2012: My first studio in the Oregon District. Now, "The Belle of Dayton" distillery is here and their kettles sit in this very same spot!



My dream of many years is the most real it's ever been. And I'm EXCITED!! {and terrified. but mostly excited!} Oh, and happyroost® is officially trademarked, and yes, it's one word. You have no idea how happy that little ® makes me.



I cannot wait to grow this brand each and every day as your place for local & authentic home inspiration, tips, shopping, and styling services.


  • I will be adding so. many. more. items. over the next few days, as well as weeks. Look for the "NEW" banner on recently added items.

  • Each month, a new curated collection will be launched in efforts to keep our inventory fresh, and give you an excuse to keep coming back ;)

  • I'm looking to partner with local artists, makers and purveyors of "whimsical oddities & curiosities for the home" for a monthly collection & spotlight. Know someone? Contact me.

  • I am currently looking for a retail/warehouse space. I want the happyroost experience to be more than a website. I want to create an escape for you that is beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting. A home store you won't want to leave, while at the same time, gain nothing but love and appreciation for your own home when you return.

  • I will {eventually} offer styling services. This will differ from typical interior design in that I want to zoom in. I want to help you perfect your fireplace mantel, style that bookcase in your office, or blend the family heirloom clock into a modern style more fitting for your own. Together, we will polish the details and check it off your to-do list.

  • Up my social media game. From video tips to regular blog postings, I'd love to have you follow along! {@happyroost}


happyroost® is fun. It's down to earth. But mostly it's full of life, color, joy. Because shouldn't that be what home is about?


I hope you'll join me during this next run. I'm lacing up my shoes.


♥ Laura