Getting Started 1 - What Printer should I buy?

There have been many many attempts at an entry level 3D printers, none have been more popular than the Creality Ender 3.


Get the basic Ender 3, the pro/3x versions are not worth the money.


If you don't mind waiting a little bit to buy search and they tend to go on sale every now and again for ~$150 USD with 2 day shipping.


When you order your printer, order a spool or two of Esun or Hatchbox PLA in white, black, or gray. There are fancier colors but theses spools will be used to basically calibrate and test your printer, and they are dead on consistent.


I also recommend you get a set (or two) of relatively accurate calipers. This is a good model to start with. These will be indispensable when tuning your printer.


While you wait for all of that to show up. Head over to and find some models you want to download. I suggest you start with the bed leveling and calibration cubes. Take your pick here.


Finally, you'll need a slicer. I prefer Cura. There are many many others available but ive found Cura the easist to use getting started. And its free. Download here.


Once youve recieved and assembled your printer head to part 2.