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Why ISB?

Updated: Jan 22

ISB inspires leadership. No other institution has such an entrepreneurial environment for the students as ISB. You have an idea there would be someone to back you.

Reference: https://poetsandquants.com/2017/11/04/the-most-desirable-business-schools/

Here we go yet again to explore another essay question backed by facts. Why ISB?

The Most Desirable Business Schools

Critics argue that the MBA is on its last legs, but demand at the top MBA schools is continuously growing.

Ready4, a Boston-based company that creates test prep apps, recently released its annual ranking of the “The Most Desired Business School Programs.”

Among the 25 schools ranked, Harvard secured the number one spot with Stanford following in second. Four new schools made this year’s rankings, including the London School of Economics (17th place), Cornell (19th place), University of Michigan (24th place), and Dartmouth (25th place). At the same time, Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, Imperial College, and USC fell off the list.