Safety Manuals

Updated: Oct 22, 2018


Downloading a generic company safety manual does not end when the ink is dry. It can take months to customize it to your company’s specific operations. This means reviews and updating new policies & procedures on a regular basis. It is very important to update changes and document when those changes were made and by whom. Safety audits require management to be involved in this process, which is often overlooked.

There are several elements to a company safety manual which are mandatory requirements, based on industry standards.


Safety manual reviewsSafety manual reviews


The Alberta Construction Safety Association uses the following components for their audit tool:


1. Company Health & Safety Policy

2. Hazard Assessment & Control

3. Safe Work Practices 4. Safety Job Procedures 5. Company Rules 6. PPE Policy 7. Preventative Maintenance

8. Training 9. Inspections 10. Investigations & Reporting

11. Emergency Preparedness


To ensure your safety manuals are up to date and in accordance with regulations please contact us for a phone consultation and we can schedule your review.


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