SUP yoga at the dinner table

The universe works in mysterious ways. Last week my darling friend Jil invited me to the long table dinner event at Capital Brewing Co. and I was seated next to @timbean_photography. We got chatting and he told me one Sunday morning several months back, he'd taken his daughter's for a lesson with Mat from the SUP'ing Caveman and saw someone on the lake doing yoga on a SUP. He decided to take some pics and that was it, they just sat there as files on his computer. Fast forward a few months and turns out I was that person! I'd just finished a morning paddle across to the Foreshore for a coffee and decided to enjoy a self practice on water. And it's not something I do all that often solo. I usu

Day in the life with Red Paddle Co

A little day in the life video with Red Paddle Co during our last SUP yoga season... Enjoy 😂 #2018 #RedPaddleCo #SUPYoga #Canberra

SUP'ing with the balloons 2019

The Enlighten Canberra Balloon Spectacular is one of those local events that you must mark on your calendar. And if you have access to a SUP or kayak, then make sure you participate on the water. SUPCBR started the SUP'ing with the Balloons event a few years back and each year it has grown bigger and bigger. I couldn't even count the amount of paddlers that were out on the lake with us. We started our paddle at around 6.30am, with sunrise in our sights and watched the balloons rise up to the sky. The best part is the balloons often take a pit stop on the lake and give paddlers a little ride if you're feeling brave.... Here are some highlights of the morning, paddling on our Red Paddle Co inf

SUP yoga on Lake Burley G - see inside a session

SUP yoga is truly a unique experience! It's a yoga class like no other, floating in nature on Lake Burley Griffin, with the ability to connect to the movement of the water. The mental concentration required to flow on an uneven surface means we can really get in tune with our own body and mind by staying in the present moment. If we lose concentration or our balance for a second, you're likely to end up in the water! We're pretty lucky to have this opportunity in our Nations Capital. SUP yoga is for every body. I've been wanting to put together a video like this for quite some time, check it out! Enjoy! #SUPYoga #LakeBurleyGriffin #2018 #Canberra #YogaCanberra #Video #Standuppaddleboard #Vis

My top 7 SUP yoga poses for beginner's

If I haven’t declared it to you before, you should know… I LOVE SUP. It is probably one of my favourite things to do. Combining SUP and yoga together and you get a pretty amazing experience. My SUP classes are structured for all abilities, new to yoga or SUP. So if it’s something you’ve been considering, the answer is there’s no time like the present. Get on board! One thing you should know is that heading out on the SUP does not mean you’re going to get wet. I take great care in my sequencing and instructing to really allow you to feel safe, stable and confident on your SUP. If it’s a hot day, I’ll guide you into some asanas (poses) with options that will guarantee you’ll get wet, but as we