Spreading Awareness

Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact is the definition of AWARENESS. In order for someone to feel the need to get involved in a cause, there must be some form of awareness. Education is the first step in joining the fight. That is why it is so important to continue telling people about the world-wide epidemic we are fighting, human trafficking. In the beginning of March, SWAT operators began their travel across the United States to raise awareness about Human Trafficking/SWAT Ministries, gain support for our efforts, and form relationships so that we all can fight together. The first stop, South Dakota. We had many opportunities to shed a light on slavery while in South Dakota. Mrs

SWAT Ministries, what we do.

Every 26 seconds a child is sold into slavery. This is reality for so many. Rescuing these girls and showing them the love of Christ is one of our desires. However, this would be impossible without willing men and women dedicating their lives as rescuers. That is why it is so important for them to be well trained, so they can do their job efficiently and effectively as possible. The need for training is where SWAT Ministries step in. So here we are, traveling internationally, and here is what we do. There are many rescue organizations throughout the world. We partner with them providing these services: 1. We train rescuers in self defense so that they can protect themselves and the children