I asked myself a question, "We make pizza at home, so why not Calzone?" To me, it sounded logical enough, but I was afraid of ending up with soggy, half baked dough. I have heard of recipe with braided dough so that air circulates better within the dough, thus better baked Calzone. So I wanted to test them. Traditional half moon calzone vs. braided calzone! For the dough, I usually make with bread machine. I made the filling the day before so that it thickens and easier to handle. The conclusion was, both methods worked fine. Braided dough looks more fun, but didn't make significant difference when it comes to "baking through the dough." So, traditional half moon was easier to make, a

Tartar sauce for fish

Introducing fish to children can be a challenge. Despite the availability of wonderful fish in Norway, children eats (or I'd say "fed") way more sausages or meatballs than fish. I introduced tartar sauce (although in my house, it can be called "egg sauce" due to the reason it's just easier to remember...) with fish. This is a wonderful recipe with ingredients which are easily available, easy to make it with children (= increase their interest in cooking) and helps children to eat more seafood. It can be served with cooked, fried, or deep-fried seafood. Ingredients: 4 hard boiled eggs - slice them into a small pieces 1/2 spring onion (use only green parts) - finely chopped 1/4 cup capers -


Nachos was the highlight of the week - when I went to school in northern California. I stayed with a family with two small children, and we ate Nachos every Friday. For me, this is one of "nostalgic food" although I don't think Mexican people would approve this recipe. This recipe is from Mrs. Titus who gave me so much inspiration when it comes to "family gathering food" - something we can cook together, and eat together. This is a great recipe to involve children - yes, adults might have to chop up vegetables beforehand, but "making layers, using surgical glove" is so much fun for everyone! (Especially for kids!) I add cooked kidney beans to increase protein intake in this recipe. They