Change Management: The Key to Successful Digital Transformations

By James Davidson "Digital transformation is key to the survival of many companies, yet digital transformations are tough and frequently fail. Without successful change management, digital transformation efforts will fail to deliver results." The article explains the crucial role of Change Management for the successful Digital Transformation. #BestPractice #ChangeManagement #JamesDavidson The article: Change Management: The Key to Successful Digital Transformations

Digital transformation is for life, not just for go-live

By Phil Wainewright "The full force of digital transformation takes most enterprises by surprise and adjusting to continuous, ongoing change is one of the first requirements." Digital Transformation is about continuous change process and not about technology upgrade or one-off project(s). The article contains good argumentation for the case. #BestPractice #Tips #ChangeManagement #PhilWainewright The article: Digital transformation is for life, not just for go-live

Digital transformation: 3 change management mistakes to avoid

By Peter Bendor-Samuel "Change can be painful for companies and individuals. But if you are undergoing a digital transformation, there’s simply no getting around it. In fact, the degree of change is greater, and there is a cascading set of consequences for these deep changes, which each require their own change management. At Everest Group, executives often ask us, “What is the most effective change-management tool or method for driving the necessary change in transformation?” Answering that question, I first point out two hard truths..." As the author of this article highlights, there is no way around the Change Management if you are going for any Digital Transformation project. Common mis

Customer-centric digital transformation

By Deepak Sharma, Jagjeet Gill and Anne Kwan "YES, technological advances are driving fundamental market shifts and a new wave of digital-driven disruption. But customers—increasingly seeking always-on, performance-based, and integrated solutions—may be an even greater catalyst. Indeed, customer expectations and demands are creating critical challenges—as well as opportunities—for employees across sales, services, support, and product functions. To successfully ride this wave of change, companies need to continuously evaluate how digital disruption is changing customer behavior, rethink their customer engagement model to leverage disruptive technologies, and redesign employees’ roles to for