The share economy is coming for your closet

By Chavie Lieber "First there was Rent the Runway. Now you can rent clothes from regular people." The sharing economy is extending its reach to Fashion Industry. New startups like Rent the Runway or Tuilerie are analysed. A recommended read. #Industry #Fashion #SharedEconomy #ChavieLieber The article: The share economy is coming for your closet

DX and DCX, a Joint Venture

Customer Experience, the Key Driver of Digital Transformation Understanding DX Digital Transformation or DX, is also termed as the fourth industrial revolution, and the journey that companies/organizations are taking toward the digital world, is not new. We have been hearing people talk about “digital transformation”, but not many understand what it means. Digital transformation can be defined as a coordinated set of efforts to rewire all operations across an organization to fit the ever-evolving digital world. This involves adopting a robust digital strategy, implementing new technology and improving the customer experience with digital tools. Some companies work their way throughout the fr