Business Is Not Getting Better At Digital Transformation, Says Capgemini

By Joseph Brookes "More than half a decade on, organisations investing in digital transformation are still struggling to turn their investments into business success, according to research from Capgemini which includes a comparison to its corresponding 2012 study. The latest research found most organisations lacked the leadership and operations required for successful digital transformation." A very good overview of the 2018 Capgemini research, Understanding digital mastery today: Why companies are struggling with their digital transformations, which surveyed over 1300 business leaders from 757 organisations #BestPractice #Report #Capgemini #JosephBrookes The article: Business Is Not Getting

11 portraits of digital CIOs

By Pearl Zhu "The digital CIO as the top leadership role must have a strategic mindset, unique personality, interdisciplinary knowledge, and a clear idea of what needs to be done, while being creative enough to lead innovation, drive changes, and orchestrate digitalization effortlessly." The author provides an insight into the expectations of the true Digital CIO role. Each of the 11 characteristics / roles is discussed in detail. Very useful article for all aspiring Digital Leaders. #BestPractice #Tips #PearlZhu The article: 11 portraits of digital CIOs

Digital transformation’s dark secret

By Bob Lewis "Much of what passes as digital transformation these days is more cosmetic than foundational. The root of true change is deeper than you think." The author outlines 5 principles organizations should consider to achieve successful Digital Transformation. Examples of Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, etc. #BestPractice #Tips #Challenges #Leadership #BobLewis The article: Digital transformation’s dark secret

Leading by Example: How Digital Frontrunners Map Their Strategy

By Paul Wellener & Stephan Laaper "Manufacturing has led the charge into the fourth industrial revolution, marked by the infusion of advanced technologies like data analytics and automation in the production process. Yet, implementing digital technologies across the broader enterprise has proved to be more challenging." An overview of the Deloitte's study Distinctive Traits of Digital Frontrunners in Manufacturing. Tips for the manufacturers how to run their Digital Transformation initiatives. Three key lessons; "leadership and talent are important enablers, well-planned technology investments could yield greater returns and deliberate actions are often key to moving the digital strategy for

8 Ways To Find And Keep People Who Will Keep Your Digital Transformation On Track

By Joe McKendrick "Every organization seeks to build its digital wherewithal, but the challenges often boil down to where, with what. For even the most digitally-savvy enterprises (or maybe because they're so digitally advanced), it comes down to finding or developing people with the right skills to move things forward." What does it take for an organisation to attract and keep the digital talent who can carry forward and deliver the Digital Transformation activities? The author provides useful advices for Digital Leaders. #BestPractice #Tips #Leadership #Culture #JoeMcKendrick The article: 8 Ways To Find And Keep People Who Will Keep Your Digital Transformation On Track

Digital transformation: The CFO’s role

By Michael Bender "With their role sitting at the center of the strategic-planning process and financial disciplines, CFOs are well positioned to become critical drivers of digital transformation. In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast, senior partner Michael Bender sits down with Sean Brown to tease out the real meaning of digital-analytics transformations. They also talk through the role CFOs can take on to drive successful change efforts." A podcast (and the transcript) with Michael Bender, a Senior Partner at McKinsey about the role of Chief Financial Officer in the process of Digital Transformation. Interesting views on the state of Digital Transformation, challenges,

7 tips to help the c-suite drive effective, data-driven digital transformation

By Rich Pugh "Digital transformation is, almost to the exclusion of all others, the buzzword of the last few years in technology. To become ‘digitally transformed’, almost all companies are investing in some sort of data project – data analytics, big data, AI, data science." A very interesting, data-driven view on Digital Transformation, coming from a Chief Data Scientist Rich Pugh. #BestPractice #Tips #Leadership #RichPugh The article: 7 tips to help the c-suite drive effective, data-driven digital transformation

Top Five CIO Trends For 2019

By John Gikopoulos "As AI becomes ever-more central to strategic and operational success, CIOs will have to relinquish their backroom roles and take centre stage – whether they like it or not. So, what do they need to be aware of to ensure that they can lead their organisation’s AI-powered digital transformation in 2019? Here is Infosys Consulting guide to the top trends that CIOs need to know..." This article will be helpful for Business Leaders looking into the main trends around AI-driven Digital Transformation. We like the fact that Ethics found its place in the Top 5. #BestPractice #Trends #Leadership #JohnGikopoulos The article: Top Five CIO Trends For 2019

The 4 types of leader who will thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By Punit Renjen "One year ago, 86% of C-level executives in Deloitte’s first report exploring businesses’ readiness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution said their organizations were doing “all they could” to create a workforce for Industry 4.0. This year, fewer than half - 47% - said the same. That represents not only a stunning shift in attitudes, but also a welcome one. Because it tells me executives are gaining a much deeper understanding of Industry 4.0, are increasingly aware of the challenges before them, and are viewing the actions needed to succeed in Industry 4.0 more realistically." The article is an overview of the report Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Faces of

Beyond the digital frontier: Mapping your future

By Bill Briggs, Nishita Henry and Andy Main "Digital transformation promises a triumphant response to the pressures and potential of disruptive change. But to make it concrete, achievable, and measurable, organizations need to look at broader trends—and a variety of technology advances. Digital transformation has become a rallying cry for business and technology strategists. To those charged with mapping the future, it promises a triumphant response to the pressures and potential of disruptive change." Another very valuable article from Deloitte.The Global CTO, the Chief Innovation Officer and the Head of Digital present a view on Digital Transformation state, technology, innovation, oppo

Putting people at the heart of public-sector transformations

By Martin Checinski, Roland Dillon, Solveigh Hieronimus, and Julia Klier "Transformation in government is a hugely complex undertaking. That makes it critical to get the people component right. It is no easy matter to bring about major change in a large, complex organization—whichever sector it’s in. McKinsey research has found that 74 percent of private-sector transformation efforts fail to meet their objectives, while in the public sector, the failure rate is even higher, at 80 percent. In both sectors, people practices are a decisive factor, often making the difference between success and disappointment. Indeed, the five key success factors for government transformations all have a stron

In the field with Dallara Automobili

By Benoit F. Leleux, Tawfik Jelassi and Anouk Lavoie Orlick "Automotive manufacturing – like all industries – is facing digital disruption. For automakers, the wake-up call has been the heated race to develop self-driving cars, with tech giants acting as trailblazers. In this context, maintaining a steady pace of technological innovation and manufacturing excellence is no longer enough for car companies to hang on to their leadership positions. Firms must also pursue digital breakthroughs. Traditional players need to avoid the trap of focusing solely on developing new digital products. Instead, they should aim to transform their entire company to compete on a new digital playing field." A su

How Nationwide’s digital transformation strategy is enabling emerging businesses

By John O'Hanlan "Investment in digitization and IT is nothing new at Nationwide, and two people who have been helping to lead this change are Terrance Williams, President, Emerging Businesses Group and Chief Marketing Officer, and Michael Carrel, SVP and CIO of Marketing & Emerging Businesses Group IT. Both are long-term Nationwide executives who have experienced every aspect of the business. “In this role, I am responsible for helping Nationwide drive our strategy through digital efforts,” explains Carrel. The role of CIO aligned to the Emerging Businesses Group was recently created, with Carrel acting as leader of a newly formed organization underneath. The group was developed with the ai

Paris' digital transformation is women-led, app-driven

By Kristin Musulin "While Paris is known to some as the City of Lights, it's known to others — particularly government leaders — as a city of digital transformation thanks to Nejia Lanouar's leadership. Since 2012, Lanouar has served as the city's chief information officer, helping to implement a digital-first approach to government operations and civic engagement. One of Lanouar's biggest projects has been the development of Lutece, a modular open-source platform that powers more than 200 digital city services in Paris." An interesting article about the city of Paris digital transformation efforts, as presented by the city CIO Nejia Lanouar. #GovAndPubServices #SmartCity #Paris #DarrenWatk

9 Key Digital Transformation Statistics for 2018 (with infographic)

Enterprises around the world are pushing forward with their Digital Transformation initiatives. The common understanding of what Digital Transformation actually is and how to plan, prepare and execute it successfully is continuously maturing, although various research reports still either directly state or their findings show the level of ambiguity is still high. This article discusses some important and interesting statistics from relevant sources as a way to portray the Digital Transformation situation in 2018. State of Play 1. 55% of startups have already adopted a digital business strategy compared to 38% of traditional enterprises. (IDG, 2018 State of Digital Business Transformation)

The Soul of a Digital Transformation Program

Globally, we as a society are being driven by the 4th industrial revolution. Japan’s plan for Society 5.0, is triggering a wave of transformation initiatives across countries and organizations. Society 5.0 is Japan’s vision for the future visualizing a super-smart society where technology such as big data, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robots fuse into every industry and across all social segments. The vision of this information revolution is to solve current impossible problems, making everyday life more comfortable and sustainable. Nevertheless, as we move to Society 5.0, where humanity will be forward-looking and high achieving, a huge global transformation i