Five things to consider for your digital transformation

By Sven Dummer "Whether you realise it or not, you’ve probably already started your digital transformation. Here are five trends that marketers must consider as they create and market their digital offerings." Five recommended trends for consideration when creating and marketing digital offers. #BestPractice #Trends #SvenDummer The article: Five things to consider for your digital transformation


By Beth Negus Viveiros "Cisco is in the middle of a digital transformation, and that means morphing into a customer centric organization." Joseph Puthussery, VP Digital Marketing at Cisco provides an insight into five pillars of Digital Transformation for Cisco. #Industry #Cisco #JosephPuthussery #BethNegusViveiros The article: CISCO’S JOURNEY TO DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

The Digital Transformation of Marketing

By Dr. Thomas Dmoch "Interaction and data transparency raise speed of innovation and customer orientation of marketing teams if you organize processes, roles and IT in a connected way." An insight into the Digital Transformation of Marketing. Engage with customers through a dialogue, understand and use the data, change how the marketing department operates. #BestPractice #Marketing #ThomasDmoch The article: The Digital Transformation of Marketing

Preparing for digital transformation in five steps

By Terri Hiskey "A successful digital transformation journey needs to be well thought out before it can be executed." Terri Hiskey, Vice President of Product Marketing at Epicor Software presents 5 preparation steps for a successful Digital Transformation. #BestPractice #Process #EpicorSoftware #TerriHiskey The article: Preparing for digital transformation in five steps

Transforming The Transformative: The CMO's Role In Leading Digital Transformation

By Kristin Hambelton "The success of marketing’s DX initiatives hinges on the ability of the chief marketing officer (CMO) and marketing leaders to master the right balance of technology and business capabilities." The author discusses a role of CMO in the DX. The arguments for CMO leading the DX instead of CIO presented. References to various relevant researches included. #BestPractice #CMO #KristinHambelton The article: Transforming The Transformative: The CMO's Role In Leading Digital Transformation

The CMO’s Role Changes Amid Digital Transformation

By Sam Del Rowe "Marketing departments have been struggling for years with digital transformation, but marketing leaders cannot afford to stand idly by while the process happens around them, Forrester Research cautions in a new report. In fact, the report identifies three steps that chief marketing officers should embrace to become more involved in the digital transformation process. CMOs are struggling with digital transformation because they typically have the highest turnover and the shortest tenure among C-suite positions, according to the report, which cited data from the Korn Ferry Institute showing that the average CMO tenure is 4.1 years, compared to 5.1 years for chief financial o

Is Digital Transformation Dead? The Experts at IDC Say Absolutely Not

By IDG "Is the hype surrounding digital transformation fading? You’re not alone if you’re starting to feel that way. The term has been used ad nauseam over the years, becoming a bit of a tired cliché. Some would even argue that it’s come to mean so many different things that it’s become meaningless. Clint Boulton, Senior Writer, CIO acknowledges this sentiment, noting this is due to some vendors misusing or overusing the term when marketing tech solutions designed to satisfy every IT leader’s requirements. As a result, many CIOs have grown weary at the very mention of digital transformation." For those business leaders who think they are perhaps too late to start the Digital Transformation i

The Journey of AI & Machine Learning

By Imtiaz Adam "Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly affecting the world around us. It is increasingly making an impact in retail, financial services, along with other sectors of the economy. Applications of Machine Learning allow for mass personalisation at scale in marketing across different sectors of the economy and improved outcomes for health care by detecting cancer at an earlier stage with medical imaging." A very interesting end-to-end overview about AI and Deep Learning, from the definition to the 5 years summary. These digital trends are rapidly expanding their business implementation scope, and finding their place from healthcare to financial industry and elsewhere. Busin

How Nationwide’s digital transformation strategy is enabling emerging businesses

By John O'Hanlan "Investment in digitization and IT is nothing new at Nationwide, and two people who have been helping to lead this change are Terrance Williams, President, Emerging Businesses Group and Chief Marketing Officer, and Michael Carrel, SVP and CIO of Marketing & Emerging Businesses Group IT. Both are long-term Nationwide executives who have experienced every aspect of the business. “In this role, I am responsible for helping Nationwide drive our strategy through digital efforts,” explains Carrel. The role of CIO aligned to the Emerging Businesses Group was recently created, with Carrel acting as leader of a newly formed organization underneath. The group was developed with the ai