Taking digital transformation to the next level

By Laura Cornish "Embracing digital technology in the mining sector is no longer a luxury but a compulsory requisite which guarantees enhanced operational performance and strategic decision making." An overview of Deloitte's Intelligent Mining Solution, provided by Deloitte Human Capital Consultant Joanne Doyle-Went. #BestPractice #Mining #Deloitte #JoanneDoyleWent #LauraCornish The article: Taking digital transformation to the next level

Riding the wave to digital transformation

By Iain Thompson "How miners can achieve a true business transformation by tapping digital technology." An interesting article about Digital Transformation in Mining industry. A multi-year "digital wave" approach suggested with four distinct components. #Industry #Mining #IainThompson The article: Riding the wave to digital transformation

Why HR and Finance should be at the forefront of digital transformation (1/2)

By Carolyn Horne "Digital transformation is big business. In fact by 2022, in Europe alone, it is expected to be a €263 billion industry. However, while the spending on digital transformation is increasing, this is no barometer for success. Along with throwing money at the challenge, organizations will need to carefully plan their digital transformation programmes and a big part of this will be determining who spearheads the process." The author of this interesting article argues that there is a hope for businesses going through their digital transformation journies if they place a greater emphasis on the HR and Finance systems that underpin the change. #Industry #HR #Tips #CarolynHorne The

Capturing value at scale in discrete manufacturing with Industry 4.0

By Florian Garms, Christian Jansen, Christoph Schmitz, Stefan Hallerstede, and Andreas Tschiesner "The efforts of many companies to apply Industry 4.0 solutions are stuck in “pilot purgatory.” Determining where to focus and how to scale can help generate a meaningful, lasting impact... Automotive manufacturing led the adoption of modern production principles, such as Lean and Six Sigma. The underlying production systems are designed to cope with the complexity of mass-customized products. However, stricter emissions standards, the consumer-demand trend for greater personalization, and the cost degression and increased capabilities of robots require the industry to further transform itself."