The digital transformation of Accent Group: A retail case study

By Jeff Rajeck "In a recent Econsultancy report, Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector, most retailers indicated that they were well on their way toward achieving key goals of digital transformation. Yet evidence of changes in the retail customer experience are difficult to find. Most aspects of retail shopping haven't changed much in the past five years." A very detailed Digital Transformation case study for retail industry based on Australian leader in the retail and distribution of performance and lifestyle footwear. #Industry #Retail #Australia #JessRajeck The article: The digital transformation of Accent Group: A retail case study

Flow-based organizational design accelerates digital transformation

By Vala Afshar & Henry King "Designing experiences for flow and continuous motion is an emerging trend in its infancy. Designing organizations for flow is not even being conceived of by most, and yet it is a foundational element for delivering the optimal user experience. We manage our resources including data, ideas and innovation, communications, expertise and even colleagues the same way as we do our customers, amassing them and bringing them to a standstill before processing and releasing them again. This must change." A very interesting article on the importance of the customer flow design in the retail industry as the important part of the Digital Transformation. #BestPractice #CX #Ret

The future of retail: 4 trends transforming how we shop

By Jason Hiner "Machine learning, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, and omnichannel are making today's shopping experience more connected, mobile, and data-driven." A concise article with 4 most important Digital Transformation trends for Retail industry listed and explained. #Industry #Retail #Trends #JasonHiner The article: The future of retail: 4 trends transforming how we shop

How can retailers achieve successful digital transformation?

By Chris Labrey "One answer to this problem lies in embracing digital transformation to deliver an immersive, engaging and personalised shopping experience for consumers that is exclusive to physical retail environments." A view on the retail industry in the UK and the state of Digital Transformation. Customer survey from Econocom discussed. A very interesting read. #Industry #Retail #UK #Report #ChrisLabrey The article: How can retailers achieve successful digital transformation?

Digital Transformation in Retail (Part 1): Measuring the Power of Experiences

By Amit Khandelwal "With innovation, new technologies are being continually integrated into retail channels. While this is great for customers, the question looming large in the minds of retailers is “how does one effectively measure the impact of this innovation?"" Excellent article about Digital Transformation in Retail industry. Interesting facts from various research papers included. A very useful list of KPIs compiled and presented. #Industry #Retail #KPI #AmitKhandelwal The article: Digital Transformation in Retail (Part 1): Measuring the Power of Experiences

Why luxury brands need digital transformation

By Louis Wedgbury "Earlier this year, McKinsey reported that 80% of luxury sales are now influenced by online. This is a staggering figure, and clearly highlights the important role digital now plays within a luxury purchase. It might be surprising, then, to know that digital revenue at the majority of luxury brands still contributes little in comparison to other sales channels." The author outlines the reasons why luxury brands should be fully embracing Digital Transformation. Recommended focus should be on brand engagement, customer insights and footprint. #Industry #Retail #LouisWedgbury The article: Why luxury brands need digital transformation

Top Four Digital Transformation Trends In Retail For 2019

By Daniel Newman "Perhaps no other industry is as impacted by customer demand as retail... Below we’ll take a look at the digital transformation trends in retail, how they’ve changed and what’s ahead in the new year." Daniel Newman presents a view on Digital Transformation trends in Retail industry for 2019. Omnichannel, Cognitive Computing, Smart Beacons and Cash/Cardless Checkouts are discussed in detail. #Industry #Retail #Trends #DanielNewman The article: Top Four Digital Transformation Trends In Retail For 2019

Major Storm Clouds On The Digital Banking Horizon

By Jim Marous "All of the major trends and predictions move traditional banking organizations towards the ultimate goal of digital transformation. The need to ‘become digital’ is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. The challenge is that, while the consumer expects the banking industry to follow the lead of technology and fintech leaders, most banking organizations fall far short of expectations." The author is an owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report and the article is the overview of the December issue 2019 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions. Most definitely a recommended read. #Industry #Banking #Report #Challenges #JimMarous The article: Major Storm Clouds On The Digital B

Retail In-Store and Omnichannel 2019 Predictions

By PJ Jakovljevic " ’Tis that time of the year when many are reflecting on the outgoing year and making predictions for what’s to come in 2019. At the annual NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show & EXPO, many enterprise software vendors will be courting the retail industry with their new supply chain management (SCM) and omnichannel retail software solutions. SAP and Aptos, two such leading vendors, share their predictions with us in this post. A very recent post presents predictions from Infor and Logility." Retail industry predictions for 2019 sourced from SAP and Aptos. Read about how will digital trends like omnichannel impact the Retail industry in 2019. #Industry #Retail #Trends #PredragJakov

60% of APAC orgs delay digital transformation progress due to cybersecurity concerns

By Networks Asia staff "Three out of five (60%) retail organizations in Asia Pacific are slowing down the progress of digital transformation projects due to the fear of cyberattacks, according to a Frost & Sullivan study commissioned by Microsoft." A good insight into an impact of cybersecurity concerns on the progress of Digital Transformation in Retail industry. The article is looking into the APAC region, but the findings are applicable globally. #Industry #Retail #Security #APAC #NetworkAsia The article: 60% of APAC orgs delay digital transformation progress due to cybersecurity concerns

Digital innovation: Creating the utility of the future

By Jian Wei, Suzanna Sanborn and Andrew Slaughter "The power and utilities sector was traditionally where many parents or grandparents parked their savings as they got older, attracted by low volatility and stable returns. While solid and dependable, the sector wasn’t generally considered cutting-edge, innovative, or exciting by any stretch of the word. Its main goal was to keep the lights on without breaking the bank. Fast forward to today and, while still laser-focused on reliability and affordability, the power and utilities sector appears to be morphing into an increasingly attractive, high-tech magnet for a multitude of new players. From large conglomerates in the technology, retail, oi

The Journey of AI & Machine Learning

By Imtiaz Adam "Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly affecting the world around us. It is increasingly making an impact in retail, financial services, along with other sectors of the economy. Applications of Machine Learning allow for mass personalisation at scale in marketing across different sectors of the economy and improved outcomes for health care by detecting cancer at an earlier stage with medical imaging." A very interesting end-to-end overview about AI and Deep Learning, from the definition to the 5 years summary. These digital trends are rapidly expanding their business implementation scope, and finding their place from healthcare to financial industry and elsewhere. Busin

Why AI Is The Future Of Cybersecurity

By Louis Columbus "Capgemini Research Institute surveyed 850 senior executives from seven industries, including consumer products, retail, banking, insurance, automotive, utilities, and telecom. 20% of the executive respondents are CIOs, and 10% are CISOs. Enterprises headquartered in France, Germany, the UK, the US, Australia, the Netherlands, India, Italy, Spain, and Sweden are included in the report. Please see page 21 of the report for a description of the methodology." In this interesting article, the author shares some valuable insights about the use of Artificial Intelligence in the cybersecurity domain and across industries such as retail, banking, insurance, automotive, utilities an

Digital Banking Transformation Strategies Neglect The Customer Experience

By Jim Marous "In an effort to determine the effectiveness of digital transformation investments on the customer experience, Kony, Inc. surveyed both enterprise businesses and their customers in the following four verticals: banking, retail, utilities, and healthcare. The study found that, despite nearly $5 trillion in overall investment, only 19% of consumers report any significant improvement in the experiences received. And while the banking industry performed better than the other three industries, it is possible that this rating was biased by lower initial consumer expectations." Another great insight by a DX expert for Banking Industry, Jim Marous. Read about Customer Experience import

Nike steps up direct-to-consumer push

By SC Yeung "Amid a paradigm shift in retail management, companies have been under growing pressure to pursue digital transformation and adopt Big Data-related business models. Among the consumer-driven firms that have embraced such path early on is global sports giant Nike.  The US-based athletic and sportswear maker began investing several years ago on initiatives aimed at building data analytics capabilities to help the firm gauge consumer needs better. And in the recent past, strategic acquisitions formed a key element of the strategy." An article about a digital transformation success of a global sports industry giant Nike. #Industry #Sports #Nike #SCYeung The article: Nike steps up dir

Retailers Have A Lot To Gain From AR and VR

By Naveen Joshi "Augmented and Virtual Reality has already made inroads in the retail sector. Considering the benefits and ease of trade they offer, these technologies are here to stay. Major retailers across various sectors have already begun reaping the benefits of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies...The implementation of AR and VR in retail offers new methods the industry can operate on. Both these technologies are extending and expanding on traditional services offered by the retail industry. The future of retail deeply involves technology and AR and VR are going to play a huge role in this services industry." The author lists potential Artificial Intelligence and Virtua

Sainsbury's CDO unveils vision for future of shopping

By Thomas Macaulay "Research shows the value of meeting these demands. Customers who shop at Sainsbury's both online and in-store spent 2.4 times that of customers who shop exclusively in-store. Sainsbury's has responded to this trend by introducing delivery app Chop Chop, the Click & Collect scheduled collection service and SmartShop, a new in-store app that lets users scan their products as they shop and then skip the checkout queues, but the supermarket has also had to upgrade a vast legacy estate." A great insight into the Digital Transformation efforts of one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK. Clodagh Moriarty, the Chief Digital Officer, presents solutions such as delivery app