Powering Digital Transformation in Smart Cities: The Role of Smart Buildings

By Ruthbea Yesner & Shawn P. McCarthy An excellent 17 pages ling white paper on the importance of smart buildings in the smart cities. A great diagram on technology adoption on page 7. Highly recommended read. #Industry #SmartCity #RuthbeaYesner #ShawnPMcCarthy The article: Powering Digital Transformation in Smart Cities:The Role of Smart Buildings

Building the IT backbone for public sector digital transformation

By Darren Watkins "With so many inspiring examples of smart city applications across the globe, it’s perhaps disheartening that many view the UK public sector as being slow in its digital transformation efforts. Indeed, despite the UK government’s clear commitment to using technology to improve services and save money, it’s accepted that squeezed public sector budgets and complex requirements make adopting digital technologies on a large scale difficult – especially in a highly regulated world, any tech initiative must be trusted, secure and reliable." How to build a foundation for a smart city? In this article, the CEO of VIRTUS Data Centres, Darren Watkins, provides recommendations to publ

Paris' digital transformation is women-led, app-driven

By Kristin Musulin "While Paris is known to some as the City of Lights, it's known to others — particularly government leaders — as a city of digital transformation thanks to Nejia Lanouar's leadership. Since 2012, Lanouar has served as the city's chief information officer, helping to implement a digital-first approach to government operations and civic engagement. One of Lanouar's biggest projects has been the development of Lutece, a modular open-source platform that powers more than 200 digital city services in Paris." An interesting article about the city of Paris digital transformation efforts, as presented by the city CIO Nejia Lanouar. #GovAndPubServices #SmartCity #Paris #DarrenWatk