How Plains Midstream Canada is driving towards digital transformation

By Leila Hawkins "Plains Midstream Canada (PMC) has an extensive network of pipeline transportation, terminals, storage and gathering assets strategically located in key crude oil and NGL producing basins and at major market hubs in Canada and the United States" Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas industry. PMC case study. An insight brought by Chris Leonard, Director of Strategy and Digital Transformation at PMC. #Industry #OilAndGas #PMC #ChrisLeonard #LeilaHawkins The article: How Plains Midstream Canada is driving towards digital transformation

Four key areas for digital transformation in procurement

By Nic Walden "A mere 32 percent of procurement organisations have implemented a digital strategy – and only 25 percent have the requisite skills and resources" The article recommends four main areas for procurement organisations to focus on to make the Digital Transformation easier for them. #Industry #Procurement #Tips #NicWalden The article: Four key areas for digital transformation in procurement

Global Digital Transformation Survey 2018

By Fujitsu "Digital transformation has moved from strategy to execution in the majority of businesses around the world. Yet experience are far from uniform." Fujitsu's survey questioned 1,535 CxOs and decision makers at large and mid-size companies around 16 countries worldwide. Both the current state of the play and a view in the future are covered. The report is a great source of invaluable information. #BestPractice #Report #Fujitsu The article: Global Digital Transformation Survey 2018 The full report: Global Digital Transformation Survey 2018

Digital transformation: a necessary disruption

By Clint Boulton "DX is a foundational change in how an organisation delivers value to its customers. Here is what it is — and how to tell whether your organisation is on the right path" A great DX overview article discussing strategy and trends, referencing consultancies' researches and with examples from companies such as General Electric, Nissan, UPS etc. Recommended read. #BestPractice #Trends #Examples #ClintBoulton The article: Digital transformation: a necessary disruption

7 Tips To Design Winning Digital Transformation Strategies

By Maribel Lopez "Digital transformation remains a hot topic in the C-suite. However, transformation efforts are meeting with mixed results." The author presents seven tips that every business leader should consider when building their Digital Transformation strategies. #BestPractice #Tips #Strategy #MaribelLopez The article: 7 Tips To Design Winning Digital Transformation Strategies

Orchestrating a Digital Transformation

By Thomas Thompson "At a recent FEI Committee on Finance & IT meeting, Deloitte Partner and TM Forum Chairman David Pleasance raised the question: Are you digitizing your old business or creating a new digital business?" Collaboration is of critical importance for the successful Digital Transformation. The focus is on strategy and not technology. The key ingredient is people. A recommended read. #BestPractice #TMForum #ThomasThompson The article: Orchestrating a Digital Transformation

The State Of Digital Transformation In China Versus The Rest Of The World

By Brian Solis "In China's distinct and fast evolving landscape, digital transformation is directly tied to agility and innovation. In the past several years, tech innovators such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Didi Chuxing, ByteDance (TikTok and Toutiao), RED and Meituan Dianping, have led an accelerated wave of sweeping digital transformation. Their stories have served as influential case studies for a new wave of transformers. Traditional businesses are now aiming to shift toward a digital-first, growth mindset to more effectively compete and thrive." A great insight about the Digital Transformation state in China showing that enterprise-wide innovation must lead the organizations to take a

Digital transformation, collaboration and innovation: Making government work better for everyone

By Kevin Cunnington "Kevin Cunnington, Director General of the UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS) provides an update on how digital transformation is helping to make government work better for everyone." An insight into the UK Government's Digital Service (GDS), as provided by its Director General. Read how Brexit accelerated the need for the Digital Transformation and about the Innovation Strategy that is due to be published in Spring 2019. #GovAndPubServices #UK #KevinCunnington The article: Digital transformation, collaboration and innovation: Making government work better for everyone

Four Obstacles to Digital Transformation

By David Greenfield "While it’s easy to get caught up in the technological complexities involved in making the digital transformation, a new report from Deloitte suggests that the most difficult issues are strategy, supply chain transformation, talent readiness and drivers for investment." The author presents his perspective on Deloitte report “The Industry 4.0 paradox: Overcoming disconnects on the path to digital transformation". Four paradoxes are identified and discussed. #BestPractice #Challenges #Report #Deloitte #DavidGreenfield The article: Four Obstacles to Digital Transformation

How And Why To Engage Your Staff During Your Digital Transformation

By David Brown "Every tech leader today is thinking and talking about digital transformation. Whether it’s moving to the cloud from legacy systems, introducing companywide communication systems or identifying targeted opportunities for efficiency, technology is part of every function and process. However, as I’ve previously discussed, people, not technology, are the most important part of your digital strategy." A great article about the importance of people for any Digital Tranformation efforts. Tips how to engage stuff to get the buy-in and support along the way. #BestPractice #Tips #People #DavidBrown The article: How And Why To Engage Your Staff During Your Digital Transformation

14 Digital Transformation Trends for 2019

By Michael Fauscette "The pace of technology innovation continues to accelerate, and companies continue to find navigating the business strategy, business model, workforce, customer interaction, and business operational changes necessary to compete effectively to be a significant challenge. This progression will continue through next year and beyond." The article lists the most powerful Digital Transformation trends for 2019. Each of the trends is further discussed in detail in linked articles. A recommended read. #BestPractice #Trends #MichaelFauscette The article: 14 Digital Transformation Trends for 2019

Digital transformation reality check: 10 trends

By Stephanie Overby "Looking back at the last decade of digital transformation – the use of technology to radically improve performance or change the enterprise – the one constant has been an ongoing shift in focus and priorities. Looking forward to 2019, a number of trends are emerging that IT leaders will want to consider as they make their plans for the new year." The author presents a personal view on the top 10 digital trends in 2019. 1. CIOs conduct digital investment checks, 2. Advanced analytics take center stage, 3. AI drives IT strategy, etc. A recommended read. #BestPractice #Trends #StephanieOverby The article: Digital transformation reality check: 10 trends

Leading by Example: How Digital Frontrunners Map Their Strategy

By Paul Wellener & Stephan Laaper "Manufacturing has led the charge into the fourth industrial revolution, marked by the infusion of advanced technologies like data analytics and automation in the production process. Yet, implementing digital technologies across the broader enterprise has proved to be more challenging." An overview of the Deloitte's study Distinctive Traits of Digital Frontrunners in Manufacturing. Tips for the manufacturers how to run their Digital Transformation initiatives. Three key lessons; "leadership and talent are important enablers, well-planned technology investments could yield greater returns and deliberate actions are often key to moving the digital strategy for

Digital transformation: The CFO’s role

By Michael Bender "With their role sitting at the center of the strategic-planning process and financial disciplines, CFOs are well positioned to become critical drivers of digital transformation. In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast, senior partner Michael Bender sits down with Sean Brown to tease out the real meaning of digital-analytics transformations. They also talk through the role CFOs can take on to drive successful change efforts." A podcast (and the transcript) with Michael Bender, a Senior Partner at McKinsey about the role of Chief Financial Officer in the process of Digital Transformation. Interesting views on the state of Digital Transformation, challenges,

Getting to the “how” of digital transformation

By Joe Garber "There’s no question that digital transformation is at the top of virtually every organisation’s list of objectives and concerns as we start off 2019. The rules of business and the public sector are being rewritten nearly every day as new opportunities and expectations enter our collective mindset. Evolve with these new requirements and it’s likely the company will flourish. Ignore them, and prepare to struggle. The disparity is that stark." The author is a Head of Strategy at MicroFocus and he provides his view on the Digital Transformation process, the HOW part of the DX puzzle. DevOps, hybrid IT management, predictive analytics and security are the key features in his insigh

The cloud industry in 2019 – Three key predictions for the CIO

By Joe Kinsella "As we head into 2019, it will be imperative for CIOs to see cloud computing as a critical element of their IT strategy, and not just as a cost that needs to be carefully managed. Advancements in solutions and integrated data tools will substantially enhance operations in the cloud, leading it to ultimately become the preferred platform for all enterprise applications." Top 3 digital trends for the cloud domain in 2019. Multicloud and Intelligent Cloud discussed by the CTo of CloudHealth. #BestPractice #Cloud #Trends #JoeKinsella The article: The cloud industry in 2019 – Three key predictions for the CIO

Digital culture: Challenge of going paperless in Dubai

By Sherouk Zakaria "Any change brings about uncertainty, and certainly so did the start of Dubai's digital transformation of government services to meet Dubai Paperless Strategy. With the city preparing to celebrate its last paper transaction on December 12, 2021, six government entities have already cut their paper use in their internal transactions and public services by 57 per cent in the strategy's first phase. Aware of the challenges and time it will take to overcome the tech culture shock, Dubai Smart Office is implementing the strategy gradually in three phases to address gaps and improve weaknesses that may rise." An example of Digital Transformation in Government and Public Services

How Big Companies Can Innovate Like Small Startups

By BedTimes "A Harvard business professor outlines the way strategy, systems and culture work together to evolve business models and create novel concepts. Gary Pisano, professor of business administration at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, rejects the narrative that only scrappy startups are nimble enough to innovate. He believes large, established firms can adapt and evolve, but they have to go about it differently than their smaller competitors." A great interview with Gary Pisano, a Harvard University professor of Business Administration. The interview covers Pisano's new book "Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation", a recommended Innovation / Digital Tra

The digital transformation of group business travel - are you ready?

By Diane Merlino "Changing consumer expectations, new technologies, and new players in the market are pushing hotels and venues to ramp up their digital strategy and capabilities to capture a greater share of meeting and event business. Consumer expectations around the digital experience are now set at a high bar from daily interactions with user experiences that are instantaneous, seamless and personalized." The author provides an insight into the Digital Transformation of a niche segment of the Travel industry; group business travel. The importance of a website presence and interactive tools for the support of online sales process are highlighted as well as indirect distribution channels.

The Miami Heat mobile app scores big as a digital transformation team player

By Alyson Behr "How much fun is it for a developer to be in an elevator, peek over the shoulder of the person next to them and see them using an app on their phone that the developer built? That’s just what happened to Matthew Jafarian, vice president of Digital Strategy & Innovation at the NBA team, Miami Heat recently. In the 3 years Jafarian’s been with the Heat, he’s spearheaded the NBA franchise organization’s digital transformation by embracing mobile and augmenting the American Airlines Arena DAS network with a robust WiFi to support the increased mobile usage." Digital Transformation success story; read about the Miami Heat mobile app, from the technical background to the ROI. #Indus