How Deutsche Telekom is embarking on its biggest digital transformation yet

By Laura Mullan "Embarking on a digital journey to foster innovation, Deutsche Telekom is set to remain as Europe’s leading telecom operator" An inside view on the state of Digital Transformation at Deutsche Telekom provided by Dr. Kai-Ulrich Deissner, Chief Financial Officer of the newly found Board Area Technology & Innovation. #Industry #Telecommunication #DeutscheTelekom #KaiUlrichDeissner #LauraMullan The article: How Deutsche Telekom is embarking on its biggest digital transformation yet

Digital Transformation Is Changing The Customer/Company Dynamic

By Brendan O'Brien "As digital transformation continues to take hold across a wide range of industries, forcing chief executives to rethink, and in some cases entirely upend, their organization’s traditional business models as well as the transactional manner in which they engage with customers." A view on DX across multiple industries provided by Brendan O'Brien, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Aria Systems. Telecommunications, Automotive, Publishing, Medical Devices and Insurance industries covered. #Industry #BrendanOBrien #AriaSystems The article: Digital Transformation Is Changing The Customer/Company Dynamic

Reinventing telco networks: Five elements of a successful transformation

By Kim Baroudy, Nitin Mahajan, Sunil Kishore, Sumesh Nair, Halldor Sigurdsson, and Kabil Sukumar "For telcos to keep and grow market share, the network division needs a makeover that lets it shed its cost-center past to become a leading function that influences the digital and analytics metamorphosis of the core... That level of seamless customer service may seem like a distant dream. But if telcos are going not just to survive but also to thrive amid today’s competitive disruption, it needs to become a reality in the not-too-distant future. Critical to that happening is the network, which must enable such superior customer experience." A technical aspect of Digital Transformation in Telecom

Airservices Australia: Digital transformation at an industry leader

By Niki Waldegrave "How a digital transformation enabled Airservices Australia’s vision to be valued and recognised as an industry leader in the provision of safe and innovative services to the air transportation industry. Airservices Australia is the country’s air navigator provider, managing 11 per cent of the world’s airspace while providing air traffic control, aviation rescue and firefighting services." A great overview of Digital Transformation at Australian government owned Airservices. To enable business agility they are running programs to refresh the organisation’s telecommunications network, cybersecurity capabilities, technology infrastructure, corporate and business support syst

The building blocks telcos need to create their digital-and-analytics DNA

By Mohsin Imtiaz, Pallav Jain, Veit Kment, Ruben Schaubroeck "Telcos need to rewire themselves to work in agile ways and make data-driven decisions to keep up with customers’ increasing demands for simple digital experiences, among other challenges... We believe operators not only can detect and meet these demands, but also that they must meet them to keep up with increasing competitive pressure. Our research shows that operators that get this right both get ahead of customer requirements and drive a 30 to 50 percent cash-flow improvement through revenue acceleration and cost optimization. And these companies are digitizing and using analytics across their organizations to get there." Five

How HGC Global Communications’ digital transformation keeps the company relevant in the digital era

By Dale Benton "The digital era is upon us and organisations all around the world are investing more than ever before into technology and innovation to improve their operations and stay relevant for an evolving customer base. HGC Global Communications (HGC), a telecommunications company based in Hong Kong, owns an extensive fibre-optic network within the city and has five cross-border routes integrated with three of mainland China’s tier-one telco operators. This is on top of housing a world class international network and the first interconnection on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, linking HGC to the Greater Bay Area." A case study of Digital Transformation in telecommunication industry.

Mobile phones and health: is 5G being rolled out too fast?

By Investigate Europe "European countries are rolling out 5G mobile communications at breakneck speed as they seek to gain a competitive edge over the US and Asia. But some scientists have raised questions about the effects of 5G mobile phone radiation on public health and are calling for a precautionary approach. By 2020, at least one major city in every state in the European Union (EU) is due to have a 5G mobile phone service in operation, and by 2025, three-quarters of the European population is expected to have 5G access." A very comprehensive article on the subject of 5G and its potential effects on public health. Did you know that scientists around the world are asking for more researc

DX and DCX, a Joint Venture

Customer Experience, the Key Driver of Digital Transformation Understanding DX Digital Transformation or DX, is also termed as the fourth industrial revolution, and the journey that companies/organizations are taking toward the digital world, is not new. We have been hearing people talk about “digital transformation”, but not many understand what it means. Digital transformation can be defined as a coordinated set of efforts to rewire all operations across an organization to fit the ever-evolving digital world. This involves adopting a robust digital strategy, implementing new technology and improving the customer experience with digital tools. Some companies work their way throughout the fr