Special Semester (3rd-5th grade)

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

This Fall we decided to do something unique. I wanted some more time with my 9 year old (4th grader). I feel like 9 is right before kids start heading into this tricky time in life, where their once innocent kind friend world starts to change. Kids start to talk about older things and try and act more "grown-up." They start to be "too cool" for dolls and "baby" things and mocking those who haven't left them behind. Before heading into rockier waters, I felt like we needed to make sure she was equipped with the right navigational skills. So we did what I call a SPECIAL SEMESTER. I decided to share how we spent our time. You could do your own Special Semester or just use some of our ideas in your classroom or home-school! Most ideas will be suitable in a range of 3rd-5th grade but some are fun for all!


We decided to home-school just for the Fall. We'd reevaluate over Winter break and probably she would return back to school (Which she has). Because my intention was not to home-school all of my kids full-time for all of their schooling, I felt more freedom to do the things I wanted. I did not purchase a curriculum as many do but created my own, using books I loved that I wanted us to experience together. (For math, we used Khan Academy mostly)

My goals for the semester-

1. Improve our relationship by spending quality time together, especially discussing books and doing projects.

2. We are religious so another goal was to help her get into the scriptures daily and teach her doctrine and how to find answers.


Our hope was to take a field trip weekly and for her to have a friend over weekly. We did pretty well with the friend over and did a field trip about every other week!

We started the semester giving her a new shirt for her school- IWA (the State requires we name our home-school) This is the shirt we had a friend make (check her out here- A Matter of Craft):

Here is more detail!

Unit 1, Human Behavior- the Books


-Art and Crafts

Unit 2, World Cultures

-Books and Activities

-Art and Music

-Math Activities

-Cooking Lessons

-Field Trips, Science, History, etc.- Coming Soon

-Physical Education, homeschool ideas- Coming Soon

-Unit 3: Ancient Civilizations

-Unit 4: Fantasy and Pretend

-Unit 5, Coming Soon

(Disclaimer: Obviously the decision of how to educate your child is very personal. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet your state/country requirements and your child's needs.)

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