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Fellow citizens, friends and family,

I would like to introduce you to Seymour. He is a retired military veteran who has lost his sight and is in dire need of a means to get about since he lost his driving privileges. Seymour served one tour in the Viet Nam war, one tour in the Gulf War and another tour in the Iraq war. He is a career soldier who followed in the steps of his father who served in World War II and the Korean War prior to being mortally wounded.

Like many soldiers/veterans he was more than willing to serve his country in whatever manner necessary. It is because of Seymour and his fellow veterans that we enjoy the many freedoms that we currently have. Veteran Transport Services (VTS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which has a mission to “Serve Those Who First Served Us.” What are they serving? VTS is serving TEA – Transportation-Education-Advocacy for blind and disabled veterans. Veterans that are blind cover the nation from coast to coast. Many are professionals who still have a lot to contribute to this country and would like to do so IF they could get out to rejoin society again.

VTS will transport veterans anywhere they would like to go; not just to a doctor’s office. Our goal is to assist them in engaging in life again and to diminish the significantly high suicide statistics for these veterans. Fellowship with other people is a key ingredient in helping them to rebuild their confidence and belief in the people that they sacrificed so much for.

Please consider helping Seymour- a veteran of the United States of America by purchasing these small pins for only $10.00. Give them to your friends, neighbors and others to increase the awareness of this very important mission. Please go to: www.veterantransportservicesinc.com and support BLIND VETERANS. And…share the information with as many others that you can think of. Together, we can make a difference.

To order: Click donate and add $10.00 for each pin which will then be mailed to you with a tax deductible receipt. Thank You!!!